Current Members

At various intervals, Sistagraphy endeavors to explore the works of some of its members.  Please join us as we experience the diversity of these members. Each woman adds a sense of “WHO” she is to the art that is expressed.  See below for bios and samples of each photographer’s work, and click on each photographer’s name to access websites and other information.


KELLEY ALEXANDER has been joyfully capturing images for about 10 years.  After receiving Honorable Mention for a photograph at the Showcase School of Photography Annual SHOTS 2012 photo contest and exhibit, Kelley decided to become a member of Sistagraphy and pursue photography more seriously. Kelley has studied photography at the Showcase School of Photography and at CGC Studios. Based on her membership in Sistagraphy, Kelley has recently had one of her pieces selected to hang in Hartsfield International Airport’s International terminal. In addition to having a passion for street and macro photography, Kelley is currently working on some multimedia projects that involve the use of black and white photography. Kelley’s other passion is helping people resolve conflict; she currently works at Georgia State University as a University Ombudsperson. Learn more about Kelley at her personal website.

CATHERINE J. ALSTON, an Atlanta native, is a self-taught photographer, constantly sharpening her photographic skills in the ever-changing and never ending school of life .

Catherine initially studied photography at The Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She has since studied various techniques of photography including the film medium to today’s digital application. In addition to studying at The Callanwolde Art Center, she has also studied at Georgia State University where she has received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism.

A professional photographer with more than 25 years experience, Ms. Alston’s creative and artistic eye often lends itself to taking pictures of people in their own unique environments. Her style is reflected through her subjects in fine-art photography, portraiture, event, documentary, nature, and studio photography.

Catherine feels that “The camera records timeless memories and captures the essence of the person and the happening. Without those timeless memories we soon forget. It is essential to look back, reflect and leave something behind for history”. Ms. Alston utilizes the camera as her instrument of choice that allows her to capture a given moment on a photographic canvas expressing the soul of that very moment.

Ms. Alston’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the Atlanta area: Hammonds House Galleries and Resource Center, the City Gallery and Mason Murer Gallery, Auburn Avenue Research Library, Spelman College, Georgia State University, DeKalb Perimeter College, National Black Arts Festival, The Central Public Library Margaret Mitchell Square, Temple Gallery-DeKalb Arts Council and throughout the state of Georgia via her dedicated 19-year membership with “Sistagraphy”- an African-American Women’s photography Collective founded locally in Atlanta in 1993.

Catherine has been a board member as well as former Executive Director of “Sistagraphy” for four years. She has been an active member since 1994 and is one of the founding members of the collective. In addition to exhibiting her work in various galleries and museums, Catherine has also exhibited her work for social and community causes, as well as published some of her more popular pieces in a Sistagraphy collective.

Catherine is the proud mother of two young adult children, Cambridge IV and Nichelle. She is also a proud grandmother. You visit Catherine’s website at












CONNIE CROSS is an Atlanta-based artist working in photography and mixed media. She’s self describes as a photographic story teller.  Also a photo editor, Connie has been a professional photographer since 1990.  Connie received formal education from Armstrong State College in Savannah, Georgia where she earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Art Education and is now Attending Atlanta Technical College earning a degree in Graphic Design and Video Production. Connie has taught photography and mixed media art to children and adults throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Connie realized early in her career that she loves to photograph people. Her diverse clientele appreciate the unique style and ability to capture decisive moments, expressions, and emotions. Young or old, naïve or seasoned, carefree or earnest Connie’s work integrates photography and mixed media to share a story.

Connie is currently working on several projects including:  ‘Soul Searchin’ – portraits that capture the essence of the soul. The portraits in this exhibit are displayed in old wood frame windows.  Eyes are the window to the soul; this exhibit permits the observer to peer into the window and into the eyes of the subject.  Soul Searchin has taken Connie throughout South Georgia and resulted in very powerful images.  ‘Herstory’ – gives mothers a voice through portraits and video. The rise in single women bearing children sparks speculation and conversation.  Often, observers will fabricate stories based upon stereotypes. Connie asks these mothers to tell their own story from their own perspectives.  The exhibit permits the observers to hear sometimes surprising motivations for becoming a single mother. ‘Home Is Where the Heart Is’- explores the landscapes of homelessness.  Connie’s newest work gives homelessness a new voice by photographing people in the space they call home. ‘Achieving 100’ – welcomes you into the hearts and lives of elders in their journey to achieving 100 years of ages. Journey with us as they tell the stories of what is keeping them strong and thriving to get the most out of life.

It boils down to the fact that everyday people have remarkable stories, and these stories deserve to be heard. I was given a quiet opportunity to tell some of my stories. I always had a voice, now I have something to say. I am using photography and videography to say it. Learn more about Connie by visiting her website.

is a photographic ambassador.  Her images are unforgettable. They imbue the essence of traditional culture and ritual. Born in America to African American parents, her ancestral DNA has called her back “home” where she uses her lens to document and promote African heritage and its influences on people across the Diaspora.

From Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Swaziland, she has traveled seeking spiritual and ritual events to capture for this purpose. N’Dieye’s artistic mission “is to document how people of African descent across the diaspora have restored their ancestral ties via sacred traditions and culture.”

Viewers are invited to witness living moments and experiences to which they otherwise would not have access. She serves as a translator within the secret rooms of ceremonial life, walking a fine line between being a participant and voyeur. The images captured areintimate, possessing ancestral and communal significance. In the moment of shooting, she allows herself to enter the experience and understand the ritual from all points. She is “the dancer, the priest, even the fly on the wall.” Learn more about N’Dieye by visiting her website.


DORIS DERBY is an administrator, professor, documentary photographer, speaker and author who earned her Bachelor of Arts from Hunter College in New York, and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Illinois. She was one of the organizers of the March on Washington in 1963.  After teaching elementary school in Yonkers, New York, Dr. Derby joined the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi to work with grassroots organizers in black communities, and take steps to impact societal change.  As a ten year Civil Rights Movement veteran (1962 – 1972), her work has been recognized in several publications, documentaries and throughout the internet. Dr. Doris Derby is a contributor to “Hands on the Freedom Plow,” a book that contains 50 SNCC women’s contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. It includes two of her documentary photographs.

Dr. Doris Derby was Georgia State University’s founding Director of African American Student Services and Programs from 1990 until her retirement in 2012…  Earlier that year, Diverse Issues in Higher Education Magazine found Georgia State to be the nation’s top provider of Undergraduate degrees to African American students.  In 2011, Dr. Doris Derby was honored with The Georgia Humanities Award by the Governor of Georgia for her work and photographs depicting the life of struggling Americans who defied the post emancipation status quo brought about by political, economic, social and cultural domination and exploitation. Her photographic images  have been displayed in numerous museums, galleries and universities.  Dr. Doris Derby resides in Atlanta with her husband, Actor, Bob Banks.






CAMILLE WRIGHT FELTON is a Florida native who lives in Georgia.  Camille graduated from Howard University in Washington with a degree in Television Production.  Her education in photography has been an informal one. Camille takes every chance she gets to learn and refine her skills in classes and workshops.  In 2011, she earned a Digital Photography Certificate from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her work has appeared in Let’s Do Lunch!, Southern Spaces, South X Southeast Magazine and on; it’s held in private collections and is on permanent display at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Camille takes photographs because it’s a way to hold on to an interesting or beautiful image. Learn more about Camille by visiting her personal website.


CAROLYN GRADY, a Freelance Photographer, resides in Atlanta, GA.  Carolyn was born in Philadelphia, PA and has always had an appreciation for the Arts. “Preserving Moments in Time” is the slogan that best describes Carolyn’s approach to Photography. Her mission…telling stories and evoking emotions through imagery. Carolyn’s work has been published by various media outlets and has been featured in Art Beats + Lyrics, which is a nationwide urban arts tour. She was selected as one of seven photographers whose work is featured in the print publication “Atlanta’s Midtown Mile.”  The publication showcases, through photography, the stunning architecture of Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Street. Learn more about Carolyn by visiting her personal website.


CARLA HILL PHOTOGRAPHY is an Atlanta based photography company. We create permanent visual images for a wide range of creative, technical and documentary purposes.  We specialize in event and portraiture photography ensuring that the value of the portraits will grow over time.

Carla is a Georgia Peach who loves to laugh.  Taking pictures of people, places and things is her thang!  Her ultimate goal is to have a chain of Photography studios across the USA.  If she’s not taking pictures or editing videos, you can find her at a comedy club, a concert, the movies, dinning at a fine restaurant or just hanging out with family and friends.

Carla Hill Photography (photocarla) began in 2009 after she was laid off from my job. Her husband pushed her to pursue her life long passion of photography.  She discovered my love for capturing moments as a little girl. That love followed her throughout high school and college where she was yearbook photographer.

Carla’s images span the range from themed compositions relating to lifestyle and social events to sports.

Mission: Shoot great photos and exceed client expectations.


AMELIA JACKSON Before Amelia decided to snap photos professionally, she made quite a living for herself in front the camera as a runway and print model. Such a living, in fact, that she was able to pay for her first Bachelor Degree in Business Administration w/ Paralegal Studies from Loyola University in New Orleans. However, after an internship, she realized a career in law was not for her.

Amelia was first introduced to photography by her father during one of their Sunday afternoon family outings. Every Sunday, Amelia and her parents would go to the park, zoo, or museum. Pictures were always taken to remember those moments. After lots of begging, Amelia’s father finally agreed to let her take some photos with his Nikon camera.  She was six years old at that time and since then she became the family’s documentary photographer.

Today, Amelia has her own company, “Photography by Amelia Design”, and can be seen all over the city photographing celebrity events such as the Dove Awards, Allstate Gospel Superfest and Fashion Uncorked. Recently Rolling Out Magazine featured one of her photos to headline their article about Rafael Cox Redemption Fashion Show.  Amelia had the great opportunity to exhibit her photos along with other Sistagraphy members in the “Picturing Georgia” exhibit at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. She also exhibit her images at local businesses such as WAEC Love860 and WWWE am1100 radio stations where she is also the official photographer of both stations.  She is a staff photographer for Sheen Magazine and I Am JMariie Magazine and recently added clients such as fashion designer Belasse, ex-NFL Ryan Stewart and Hublot watches to her continually increasing clientele list.

Photography by Amelia Design studio is located in Hampton, Georgia, but Amelia shoots on-location nationwide.  Her photography style is best described as life or photojournalistic. Known for capturing expressionism within her work, Amelia focuses on capturing your vivid emotional reactions through powerful colors and dynamic compositions. The outside natural lighting and backgrounds are preferred to capture your true essence for a unique photographic masterpiece.  However, the studio can be used for a more private, intimate setting. Each photo session is informal, relaxing and unique.

Using her talents and photographic techniques, Amelia makes subjects come to life. It is hard to believe that this ex-model/flight attendant educated in law and graphic design could have considered doing anything else.







JENA P. JONES is the Founder and Chief Photographer for the funyfarm photographic services, a photography company specializing in location and event photography.

Professionally, she has worked on projects across the U.S. and internationally in Belize, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Ghana West Africa.  Select Clients include Tavis Smiley Presents, GlobalHue, United Healthcare, IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League), National CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate Association) and The NAMES Project.

Jena’s photographic journey has allowed her to participate in many group exhibits with Sistagraphy and Zone III Photographic Workshop.  Her experience and leadership abilities currently have her serving in her second year as the Executive Director of Sistagraphy. Contact Jena at funnyfarm photographic services at or call 404-275-9240.



LOUISA McCULLOUGH is always the one to capture the emotion and memories of a family gathering, the late sunset or quiet sunrise on vacation, or the scene at a music event.  It was 2008 when Louisa decided to exert herself as a photographer. She realized a desire to capture the beauty of the world and to share it with the same. Louisa enjoys music, travel, art, food and life! She lives her life to share these joys with her friends and family. Louisa continues to share her photography through event photography and continues to share her work through exhibits. Of her photography, Louisa says, “I capture memories a moment at a time.” To learn more about Louisa, visit her personal website.


DEBRA MOSLEY, born in Los Angeles, CA and now lives in Atlanta, GA. began her journey into self-discovery behind the lens of a camera in her early teens. True to herself and to the art of photography, Debra approaches each image she takes with reverence and creativity. Her work can only be described as fulfilling and intimately refreshing. Debra’s creations capture life’s essences by symbolizing endless possibilities. Again and again, we can always

rely on her work to be a glimpse into the doorway to showcase the true essence of humanity and life’s precious moments in time. Finding great comfort in the outdoors Debra enjoys photographing the subtleties of nature as much as capturing the many facets of human experience. Learn more about Deb by visiting her personal website.

SANDRA OEI has extensive experience in the fields of internet / web technologies, television production, music recording and advertising. As a Multi-media Producer / Interactive Media Designer she has found a way to uniquely combine this experience by integrating each discipline to fulfill each project’s requirements.

To successfully integrate her artistic/graphic design skills with the new emerging digital technologies, in 1994 Ms. Oei created SoVisual, a multi-media design studio originally located in New York City. Within SoVisual, Sandra continues her commercial work in digital graphic design, (including online audio, video and E-Book publication), while collaborating internationally with many talented programmers, designers, animators, videographers.

Ms. Oei attended a Liberal Arts College in Iowa majoring in the Fine Arts, then went on to further her education by attending New York University’s Film Production Certificate program, and continued fine art studies at New York’s School of Visual Arts, the Art Students League, and the City University of New York (CUNY).   In 2005, Sandra was introduced to Paper Making and the Book Arts while attending an artist retreat at the Women’s Studio Workshop in upstate New York.  Encouraged by the success of projects she produced while there, Sandra immediately began taking a series of classes at The Center for Book Arts in bookbinding, box construction, and letterpress printing.

As part of a group showing Ms. Oei’s work was on display at the Arthur & Mata Jaffe Collection of Books as Aesthetic Objects, Boca Raton, FL., also at an exhibition of African American book, print & paper artists hosted by Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and her work was on tour for the 2008 Canadian International “Art of the Book” exhibition. Ms. Oei continues working in “Book Arts”, and is now exploring ways to integrate photography into her work.

Ms. Oei’s photographic works have been exhibited as part of the Atlanta based “Sistagraphy” group exhibitions at The Southwest Arts Center, The Arts Exchange, the Margaret Mitchell Public Library, The Hammonds House, among other venues.

Ms. Oei moved from NYC to Atlanta in 2007, and is very excited about the new direction her relocation has inspired. Learn more about Sandra by visiting her personal website.




Self Portrait 1bALISA PERDUE  A native of Atlanta, Alisa specializes in nature, landscape, urban, and portrait photography.  After working in Human Resources for over 25 years, she left the corporate world and is currently pursuing a fine arts degree in photography at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  Upon being accepted at SCAD, she was awarded a SCAD Achievement Honors Scholarship. In addition to being a student at SCAD, she is the owner of Alisa Perdue Photography (

Alisa has a passion for capturing the emotion of the moment through her camera lens and sharing it with others.  When she looks through her lens she sees the world in a whole new perspective and becomes excited to share this vision with others.  She is constantly amazed and inspired by the powerful images of people, places and nature that she is able to capture through her photography.  She becomes absorbed by her subject, excited to capture and share what she sees with others.

In addition to being a member of Sistagraphy, Alisa is a member of Black Female Photographers, LLC. Learn more about Alisa on her personal website.

MIRIAM PHIELDS is an Atlanta-based photographer who specializes in fine art photography, focusing on abstract and realistic nature, landscapes, and urban settings.  She enjoys photographing “pets and their people,” as well as portrait, nature, and macro photography. She practices Miksang photography, a contemplative art focusing on uncovering pure perception through photography. The influence of Miksang is reflected in her fine art.  Her work has been exhibited in several galleries in the Atlanta area, including the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library/Central, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and Hammonds House Museum. Through her business, Phields Photography, Miriam specializes in pet photography and preserving old or damaged photos using digital restoration techniques. She enjoys helping people recover and preserve their photographs and cherished memories.  Miriam is a member of Sistagraphy. She holds a doctorate in counseling psychology and has worked in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention for over 20 years. You can see more of Miriam’s work at

DONNA PERMELL is CEO of  Prime Phocus, LLC.  With over 25 years of experience and dedication in photography her work has been featured in ELLE Magazine UK, Essence, Glamour and many other publications.

Donna is a member of PPA (Professional Photography Of America), APA (Advertising Photographers Of America, NPPA (National PhotoShop Group) and WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographer International). Donna is also a member of the Associated Press, Georgia Production Partnership and Women & Film.

Donna is passionate about teaching and is committed to share her knowledge with the next generation of photographers. Learn more about Donna by visiting her personal website.



FURERY TERRIY REID came to Atlanta from Knoxville, Tennessee in 1979.  She went to then Clark College (now Clark Atlanta University) and received a B.A. in psychology.  Although Furery was majoring in psychology, her creative side took her into doing graphic design for students and friends to make some extra cash while in school.  In graphic design, Ms. Reid used various methods to create the vision of her clients which always had looking at everything around her-nature, abstract objects, landscapes and people.

Furery’s photographic journey began when she became an administrative media assistant at a local college.  Her director, a professional photography and multimedia director, made her his apprentice.  Under his direction her creative eye grew and developed.  As Ms. Reid began to thrive as a photographer, her attentions were turned to full-figure females, who were not as “popular” to photograph as the thinner females.  Photographing full-figure women and men became her niche, her passion.  Furery is a well-rounded photographer who continually strives to capture the essence of a person, place or thing when she is behind the camera.  Ms. Reid’s  motto is “a memory captured is a memory remembered.”

Furery has been a member of Sistagraphy since 2004.  She is also a member of Atlanta Photographers Network-Fotofinishers, Professional Photographers of America, The International Freelance Photographers Network and the Atlanta Artists Center. Learn more about Furery by visiting her personal website.

SUSAN “SUE” ROSS is a “photo-griot” with a specialization in documenting images which portray the comings and goings of the African-American community – cultural, political, social and economic.  In the African tradition, the griot is the oral historian holding the essence of African history and culture through the word.  Sue Ross, the photo-griot, uses photographs to tell the stories of the African-American community.  “I am primarily a people photographer, finding a grace and dignity in the faces of our people.”  Sue  has combined her lifeswork with her positions in government administration for the City of Atlanta, serving as photographer for many Atlanta events including the annual Dream Jamborees, the 1988 Democratic Convention, the Atlanta Third World Film Festivals, the Atlanta Jazz Festivals, the Nelson Mandela visits, King Week, the National Black Arts Festivals, the Centennial Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, and as the informal, and sometimes formal, chronicler of activities during the administrations of Atlanta’s five African-American mayors. Currently, she serves as vendor development manager for the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management.

Sue has exhibited through the city since 1985, including the Atlanta Life Insurance annual Afro-American Artists competitions, the National Arts Program Atlanta Municipal Employees exhibitions, Spelman College, City Gallery East, the Hammonds House Galleries, Atlanta Photography Gallery, the APEX Museum, Frames ‘n’ Fine Art Gallery, M’Print Gallery, the Ellis-Chambers Gallery, Changing the Face of Creativity, the Arts Exchange, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, Rush Art Gallery (NYC), Auburn Avenue Research Library, Native Sun Gallery, Paradigm Artspace, Cleveland State University African-American Cultural Center, Salem College Fine Arts Center Gallery, Georgia Perimeter College, the Center for Aids and Humanity, Studioplex, Art Farm, One Night Stand, the Michael C. Carlos Museum, City Gallery Chastain, Mason-Murer Gallery, the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts, Georgia State University and Alabama State Univerity. Sue’s first solo exhibition, Jazz Atlanta Style, was exhibited at the Gilbert House as part of the 1999 Atlanta Jazz Festival and at the Southwest Arts Center (2005). Recent solo exhibitions include In a Mellotone: Portraits in Jazz at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts (2007), Sheroes at the Douglass Theatre in Macon (2008) and Sankofa: Looking Back to Move Forward; National Black Arts Festival 1988-2010 at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts (2011). Her portraits of Pearl Primus and Maya Angelou were included in the Fay Gold Selects show at APG. Her work was selected for the Atlanta Master Photographers exhibit at Kennesaw State University, the Reflections in Black exhibit at the Atlanta History Center and Civil Rights and Social Justice at Alabama State University.

Sue is a founding member of Sistagraphy™: the collective of african-american women photographers, a member of MOCA and the Atlanta Photography Group. She serves on the boards of the Black Women Film Network, the BronzeLens Film Festival, the Hammonds House Museum, Nutrition Plus HHC and Sistagraphy. Sue also served for many years on the boards of the National Black Arts Festival, the Atlanta African Film Society and the Metropolitan Atlanta Coalition of 100 Black Women. Learn more about Sue by visiting her personal website.



NAFISA VALITA SHERIFF, originally from Chicago, Illinois, has been in the Atlanta, GA since 1985.  She is a local, seasoned and a well-known Artist in the Atlanta area as an exhibition photographer since 1992.  Ms. Nafisa Valita has exhibited in many shows throughout the Atlanta area and one of the founding members of Sistagraphy, since its inception in 1993.  Sistagraphy (An Atlanta Based, African American Professional Women Photographer Group), is currently celebrating its 20th year Anniversary (1993-2013). Also a Member of Atlanta Art Center since 2008 and winner of several awards @AAC, including the Best in Show this past spring 2013.  Ms. Nafisa Nafisa has traveled with her Nikon cameras throughout the U.S. and World.  Traveling great distances: The Caribbean Islands, The Middle-East, Europe, Mexico and Africa.  Through the eyes of a natural nature lover, Ms. Nafisa Valita has captured many precious moments in her’s life, space and times.  Her vision for photography is keenly focused on natural everyday emotional life experiences and spiritually drawn to the natural wonders of Creation.  She is involved in uplifting Humanities, promoting business awareness, educational wellness from a historical perspective and enlightenment, for healthier life styles for all Americans.

Ms. Nafisa Valita is the mother of three beautiful daughters, three handsome responsible son-in-laws and the proud grandmother to five wonderful, delightful and active grandchildren and soon to be a great grandmother to her first born grandson, Mr. Rashad (& his lovely wife Nyesha) K. Charles’s unborn daughter.  As a Certified Life, Health and Wellness Coach, Ms, Nafisa Valita is very active in various community groups and organizations, working toward the betterment of humanities.  Her efforts in sharing knowledge have affected the quality of life, to many through dissemination of health, wellness and wholesome food information and nutritional education.  Her involvement has added vast knowledge and improvement for many individuals, families and communities in choosing healthier, wealthier and natural life style choices.  Ms. Nafisa Valita is currently attending Georgia State University and working on a degree in nutrition (Dietetics).



shelia turner  As a photographer and educator shelia turner’s social documentary studies provide platforms for the examination of the United States of America life and culture.  In 2011 she was photography Artist in Residence at McColl Center for Visual Arts and the first Artist in Residency (photography) for the Levine Museum of the New South, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her photographs have been exhibited extensively and are included in the art collections of High Museum of Art, Atlanta and the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.  She is the founder and past Executive Director of Sistagraphy.  She received her B.A. in Photojournalism from the University of Florida.   She received her M.A in Social Documentation from the University of California Santa Cruz. She is Adjunct professor of photography for the Art Institute of Charlotte [NC]. Learn more about shelia and her work by visiting her personal website.



ELAINE WATTS, a native of New Orleans, has long been a part of the art world, working for several years as assistant to two well-established local artists.  It was when she accompanied photographer, and later, mentor, Barbara Bishop, on photo shoots, that she bought a camera and began shooting subjects around her.  She knew she had found the art medium that would become her own.  Watts, a self-taught photographer is a member of the nationally recognized photographic group, Sistagraphy.

Elaine is an imaginative artist who captures everyday objects in a creative, sometimes abstract way, showing there is more than one way to look at an object.  Through the lens of her camera, a cave, rocks on a beach, tall majestic trees, or, colorful sunsets, take on an unusual look.  Elaine loves the beauty of nature and hopes to capture in her images, the peace and serenity that overtakes her spirit as she photographs the Creator’s handiwork.  This is the photography Elaine most enjoys.

Elaine has exhibited her work during Brannen and Goodards Employee Appreciation Day; at Sandy Springs Library; Whole Foods; Margaret Mitchell Central Library, Mason Murer Gallery, in conjunction with the National Black Arts Festival; Auburn Avenue Research Library; and the Black Men Film Festival, Auburn Research Library and Passing the Light with Women in Focus.  Watts is the co-owner of BaRelai Images, a creative photographic arts studio; she is also co-author of a book of photographs, Enchanting…The Beauty of Life in Photographs.  Learn more about Elaine and her photography by visiting her Facebook page.







TERRY WOODS developed a real interest in photography after receiving a 35mm camera as a gift from her husband in 1996. After experimenting as the family photographer, she realized that she had a natural talent for the craft. As the owner & principal photographer of Relatively Speaking Photography, she is instinctive, with an eye for composition. She has a deep passion and love for photography. Terry combines that passion with her communication skills to create and share images through photo books & online galleries that provide visual narratives. Although event photography is her forte, she has developed an interest in portraiture and fine art photography as well. Terry has been a member of Sistagraphy since June 2012. One of her photos was selected in the “Top 10” to be used by the Hammonds House Museum for their educational program associated with the Sistagraphy exhibit, A Different Eye: Sistagraphy Celebrates 20 Years of Photography. Learn more about Terry at her personal website and connect with her on Facebook.

Julie Yarbrough

Julie Yarbrough


JULIE YARBOROUGH  Movement. Music. Life. Time. History. Capturing moments that have meaning and stories to tell, Julie is a visionary photographer experienced in fine art, portraiture, and commercial photography. Julie’s images have soul and evoke emotion. With degrees in both psychology and photography, Julie has a passion for creating photographs that lead the viewer into an exploration of one’s thought and imagination. She brings new dimensions to her photographs when her images expose a person’s inherent complexity and internal life. With over 15 years of photographic experience, Julie’s clients have included Spelman College, Fulton County Arts Council and the Centers for Disease Control. Julie’s expertise in commercial photography ranges from executive head shots in corporate settings to event documentation with a photojournalistic style. Her portraits do not just capture smiles and poses, but the emotion, personalities, and passion that lay undiscovered. Whether on location or in her Atlanta studio, Julie creates technically sound and visually appealing images. Learn more about Julie by visiting her personal website.

Debra Young  DEBRA YOUNG