Greetings from the Founder!

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shelia turner

Twenty years ago, nine African American women photographers, exploring diverse photographic genres, gathered together in Atlanta, Georgia, to discuss ways to creatively express themselves through the photographic arts.  On July 17, 1993 this group was named “Sistagraphy,” sisters of photography.

Now, over 100 members and 55 exhibitions later, Sistagraphy still provides a safe and inspiring space for African American women photographers to share their own photographic perspectives of the world.  Sistagraphy members merge digital, analog, portraiture, experimental, documentary and mixed media with technical precision, aesthetic playfulness and innovation.

Through the lens of our cameras we, emerging and established photographers, make personal and social commentaries.  As Sistagraphy, we exhibit our photographs through interpretive theme based concepts with one collective goal: to reveal the simple and multi-faceted layers of life and the human spirit.  It’s exciting and amazing to be celebrating 20 years of photography!  We could not have done it without you! THANK YOU for your continuous and committed support of our photographic explorations.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday, September 8th, 2 -5 pm at the Hammonds House Museum [Atlanta, GA] as we present our 20 year photography retrospective exhibition, “A Different Eye: Sistagraphy Celebrates 20 Years of Photography,” an exhibition highlighting Sistagraphy’s contributions to the photographic landscape, during the last two decades, in Atlanta and throughout the United States.

Love + Light!